• Domestic case-Xtep

    Domestic case-Xtep

    Intelligent shops, cloud life In 2016, more and more offline shops close up and covering first, second, third tier cities. Which continue from 2015, and almost spread in all traditional commercial cha

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  • Leather shoes custom shop solution

    Leather shoes custom shop solution

    Shoes & Apparel Custom Shop Solution Suixing is the largest body shape database owner in China, has more than 100,000.00 data. The first company which create a solution for the intelligent shop in

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  • Kids Foot Healthy & Intelligent Shop Solution

    Kids Foot Healthy & Intelligent Shop Solution

    Kids shoes shop innovation solution Kids’ foot condition: 1. Parents did not pay more attention on children’s footMost of the children’s foot is healthy in the kindergarten, but less than 20% only

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  • Running Lab Solution

    Running Lab Solution

    First: Suixing is an innovative company which is base of researching body 3d data, focus on the human body science healthy growth analysis industry big data solution. The largest human body 3d big dat

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  • Custom tailor

    Custom tailor

      Nowadays, custom suit is more and more popular. But the rhythm of life is very fast, not everyone is willing to spend a lot of time for manually measurement and wait for the suits modified

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